Stabilizer™ Pressure Biofeedback

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Stabilizer™ Pressure Biofeedback

  REF: 9296 A simple device to provide feedback to ensure quality, and precision in exercise performance and testing. Monitors position of the.

Delivers valuable feedback during exercise performance, stretching techniques and muscle testing to ensure quality, safety and precision. Non-returnable.

The Stabilizer provides pressure biofeedback during muscle re-education to determine whether the patient is able to selectively isolate and maintain contraction of the cervical or lumbopelvic core stabilization muscles.
Use the Stabilizer for:

  • Retraining abdominal muscle function

  • Monitoring lumbar spine stabilization

  • Protecting and stabilizing joints during exercise

  • Preventing and treating low back or neck pain

  • Enhancing home exercise programs

New model features easy-to-see color markers on the gauge. Includes instruction booklet with select instructions. Inflation bulb contains latex.


The STABILIZER™, designed by physical therapists, is a simple device which registers changing pressure in an air filled pressure cell. This allows body movement, especially spinal movement, to be detected during exercise. The unit consists of a combined gauge/inflation bulb connected to a pressure cell.
Core Stabilization training involves the re-learning of coactivation of co-contraction patterns of the transverse abdominis and the lumbar multifidus to provide local spinal segmental support. Published research has shown that when functioning normally, the transverse abdominis and the lumbar multifidus act in concert, increasing tension on the thoracolumbar fascia acting like a corset, providing stability to the lumbar spine.
Research has shown these types of exercise are especially important for the prevention and treatment of low back and
neck pain (of various pathologies). The exercise techniques discussed in this instruction manual involve slow and controlled body movement. The STABILIZER is used to monitor and provide feedback on body movement during exercise. This promotes effective exercise to improve back and neck pain.
The concepts put forth in this literature were in effect at the time of publication. However, due to Chattanooga Group's policy of continuous improvement, changes may be made at any time without obligation on the part of the designing physical therapists or the Chattanooga Group.



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